The salt air texture mask is designed for protection and comfort.

It is made from functional fabric applied with nano-liquid salt technology it can quickly dry sweat and moisture. It blocks various pathogens and viruses through salt clean water coating. It protects the skin from UV rays blocking UV-A and UV-B penetrating the dermis of the skin.

Comes with 1 mask and 10 filters.

Made in Korea

✔ Clinically proven to kill bacteria and viruses
✔ FDA approved nano-filter technology
✔ Washable and reusable
✔ Cost effective (10 filters last for 1 month)
✔ Comfortable ergonomic design
✔ Protects the skin from UV-A & B waves
✔ Quality tested with extensive laboratory studies

Directions for use:

  • Put mask over face.
  • Change filters when needed.


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