Our health and fitness level can add substantial benefits to our skin’s appearance. As such, ELEVATIONE is pleased to present the newest repertoire of our prestigious brand, ELEVATIONE Lifestyle, in collaboration with DANQOFIT.

DANQOFIT is inspired by empowering people all over the world to change their lives by simply adding an incredible home exercise routine. This revolutionary training program features the master of fitness for over a decade, the one and only Fabio Dita, a professional specialist in Weight Loss, Muscles Growth, High Intensity Training, Cardio, Toning and Shaping, and Dance Workouts.

DANQOFIT offers tailored programs from beginners to advanced enthusiasts focusing on daily exercise plans that are effective and yield results for all body types, ages, and gender.

ELEVATIONE Time Stops is the global leader in effective skincare solutions and treatments for all skin types. As we have been recognized for our supreme products and services for many years, Elevatione does recognize that our skincare products while addressing the many problems our skin faces, there is an additional factor that can certainly enhance the external appearance of our skin and it takes place internally!

Product Type: Android App (APK)
Requirements: Android 5.0 or higher


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