which is the latest serum that combines the goodness of nature and the latest skin care technology. LÉVATIONE presents a facial serum enriched with Korean Golden Bell Extract which functions to brighten and give a glowing effect on the skin and with a GenActiv formula that functions to inhibit the skin’s melanin cycle, so that it can brighten and whiten facial skin instantly. In addition, the antioxidant content in it is also effective to protect and disguise the appearance of freckles and black spots on the face due to exposure to UV rays.

P.M. Brightening Pearl Serum
Skin solutions for overnight radiance that add brightness to your skin appearance, provide powerful antioxidant protection and reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. The formulations are based on patented Melaslow™ natural extract of Japanese mandarin which promotes complexion and clear appearance. Ideal for gradually reducing the symptoms of age spots appearing and providing your skin much brighter days to come.
Glittering powerful active pearl serum essence is boosted with patented blend and papaya fruit extract.

P.M Brightening Vitamin C Crème 
Vitamin C deep nourishing and restoring facial cream is designed to keep skin soft and supple while the patented blend and the powerful active ingredients inside the formula nourish dull or tired-looking complexions. At the same time the cream adds brightness, improves skin elasticity and balances skin tone, enhancing bright looking complexion.
The complex of lemon juice, vitamin C and Allantoin promotes skin rejuvenation and protection against free radicals harmful effect while you’re enjoying a soothing sensation.
The formula is enriched with Shea butter skin smoothing and hydrating benefits that promote wonderful skin elasticity results.

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