Superb butter which compliments your skin in a figurative way provides intense hydration and enhances skin elasticity. This wonderful butter is an entirely unique experience for different nourishing needs of the skin. The butter is enriched with three layers of rich nutritional agents, two of them are based on shea butter, refines the skin texture, providing silky smooth touch. The middle layer is enriched with small capsules of vitamin C.  The capsules keep the vitamins fresh. Only when in contact with the skin, the vitamins are released, melted and absorbed, providing your skin a strong antioxidant protection. Fortified with sesame seed oil and olive oil, delivering lasting moisture and caressing all the driest areas.

The formula, based on a handmade infusion of hibiscus, raspberry & rose, delivers refreshing and nurturing benefits while providing antioxidant protection in a wonderful natural way.

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