The 60 Second Firmax Mask is designed to support your skin and return it to its youthful look in seconds. Based on Tightox patented ingredient which provides the skin with the power to protect and regenerate itself, to promote detoxification and improve skin quality.

Your skin will fill the void in just sixty seconds. This great recipe is formulated with a combination enriched with elastin and peptides which are essential proteins to keep your skin smooth, supple and elastic.

We also complement this mask with organic Songa™ plant extract which is rich in powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from aging, bringing skin soothing and repairing properties and our unique handcrafted herbal infusion made of hibiscus, raspberry and rose. All are full of the antioxidant protection of vitamin C and replenish hydration, smoothness and softness of the skin to create a natural youthful essence.

Patented Technology

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5 reviews for 60 Seconds Firmax Mask

  1. Enya

    Great mask, makes my skin look and feel younger and smoother. Very fast delivery!

  2. Leena

    Probably my favorite Elevatione product. I was so impressed the first time I used it. Made me look a good 5 years younger!!

  3. Isabella

    I absolutely love the effective of the mask. Within a few seconds I can feel the sensations of the lifting to my face.

  4. Shanon

    Seriously wonderful. If you are looking for something to make your skin look younger, healthier and smoother I cant recommend a better product than this.

  5. Nayla

    I was stunned at how fast you are able to see the results from this mask. I began using this and the very next day I was getting compliments on my skin. I was stunned and so happy that it was working and people were noticing the change.

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