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60 Seconds Firmax Mask Set

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The 60 Second Firmax Mask is designed to support your skin and return it to its youthful look in seconds. Based on Tightox patented ingredient which provides the skin with the power to protect and regenerate itself, to promote detoxification and improve skin quality. Your skin will bridge the gap in just sixty seconds.

This superb recipe is formulated with an enriched combination of elastin and peptides which are vital proteins for keeping your skin smooth, supple and elastic. We also double complemented this mask with organic botanical Songa™ extract lush with strong antioxidants that protect the skin from aging, carries soothing and skin repairing qualities and our unique handmade herbal infusion of hibiscus, raspberry and rose. They are all brimming with vitamin C antioxidant protection and replenish the hydration, the smoothness and the softness of your skin to create the natural essence of youth.

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